Strengthened surface

Capacitive keypads applied in harsh environments require specially strengthened front glass. Chemically or thermally tempered glass is characterized by its high impact and scratch resistance. However, temperature fluctuations can also be better compensated for by specially treated glass. With the appropriate materials and components incorporated, the touch panels are suited for outdoor applications.

Chemical strengthening

Chemically strengthened or tempered glass features significantly higher durability. This technology promises an improved bending, impact and scratch resistance. However, temperature fluctuations can be better compensated for as well. As the surface of optically coated anti-reflective glass is sealed, only chemically treated anti-reflective glass can be chemically strengthened.

Thermal strengthening

During this method, the glass is heated and then rapidly cooled, creating tension in the inner surface and compression in the outer surface. In addition to making the glass particularly shock and impact resistive, the risk of injury is also reduced. When braking, the glass only produces small and dull rather than sharp fragments.