The illumination of touch systems is becoming increasingly popular. To continue the operation of machinery and equipment in poor light and visibility, LEDs help illuminate important buttons and functions.

By integrating colored LEDs or RGB-LEDs, individual forms can be highlighted in different colors. Status, symbol and frame lighting can be implemented according to customer requirements.

Even capacitive surfaces can be illuminated with special diffusion elements.

Status LED

The status LED is the simplest and most affordable way to display the status of a button. It can, for example, be used as visual feedback to show that the key has been pressed or to indicate the status of operation.

EL Sheets

Illumination with EL-sheets is characterized by a low, overall thickness and is ideally suited for surface, frame and symbol illumination. Additionally, a circuit board is not necessary for this popular technology. The EL-sheet is simply integrated as an additional layer in the keyboard composition.


  • Homogenous illumination
  • Integrated into the foil package


  • Transducer (height)
  • AC Voltage (110VAC, 400Hz)
  • EMC (electromagnetic compliance)
  • Possible unpleasant humming
  • Service life (half-life approx. 10’000h)
  • Not intended for daytime illumination


A specially designed composition allows various forms and function to be illuminated by using SideLEDs. Using this technique, the LEDs radiate the light from the side. A special diffuser ensures that the light expands to the desired surface, creating a homogenous illumination.


  • Very homogenous illumination possible
  • No EMC interference
  • Long service life
  • RGB lighting possible
  • Suitable as daytime lighting


  • Circuit board required
  • Composition is slightly thicker
  • Higher cost due to complex structure