Sensor technology

The capacitive technology has been widely adapted with gadgets such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Thus, the demand for capacitive input possibilities in other areas of daily life as well as industrial applications has increased steadily.
Some applications do not require a screen, or in addition to a display –whether it be a conventional or a touch display – others rely on controls such as buttons, sliders or wheels. In that case, capacitive compared to mechanical input elements are now the favorable option.

Capacitive sensors that do not even require actual touch are mainly integrated into applications with strict hygiene requirements. They recognize changes in capacity without contact and prompt corresponding functions. These sensors, for example, can open drawers or turn on light all based on movement.

Resistive, programmable sensor fields in sizes can be customized to fit the application and even be operated with gloves. In use of a mouse the sensor arrays can be integrated in customized oparating untis.