Optical bonding

Optical bonding refers to the bonding of the display with the touch screen, or the bonding of the touch with the front glass using a highly transparent liquid adhesive.

An air gap is commonly located between the touch screen and the display, causing reflections and the image to lose its brilliance. This technology fills the air gap between the two rigid surfaces with a highly transparent liquid adhesive, significantly reducing reflections.

Increased brilliance

Particularly bright environments can affect the view of displays. Optical bonding provides a solution, ensuring a clear view of important information even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

The liquid adhesive also prevents moisture from gathering between the display and touch, preventing condensation. A clouded view after years of operation is no longer an issue.

Additionally, the entire optical system becomes much more robust to temperature fluctuation and mechanical stress. “Bonded” screens can now be used in industrial and outdoor applications as well.